( DAD ) Donald Bertman

by laurel larison
(manassas, va)

Love you dad

Love you dad

Has it really been almost a year? I miss my sweet dad

with all my heart, it was a blessing he didnt suffer
long at the hands of cancer taking him way too soon

Loved you dad with all my heart, I miss you still and
miss the voice so familiar every day.

To know you loved me and cared for so many. Let us remember
to never lose site. The values you had were so very clear
Love the Lord with all you have and treat others well that
dont have alot

Be kind to strangers for you never know, the Lord is that
person seeing what we will do,

Remember to thank the Lord above, for dad (donald bertman)
will be remembered for all time and hope to one day meet
in eternity.

Love you dad and I am the last, bertman in the area and there
is so much to do. Walk in the footsteps that have gone before
maybe for me I will make it through the stairway home.

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