Arlington - Trace Adkins

by Cassidee

JD was a quarterback. He was a Marine, who died during his term of service - but not in action. During a period of leave, he was on his way home.

He drove a motorcycle and was killed by a drunk driver... A Harley just doesn't stand a chance against an 18 wheeler.

They played a video of all his accomplishments. They played Arlington and two other songs that I don't really remember. They did the 21 guns, and had forty-five American flags lining the walk to his grave, with two of the Marine flags at the end.

If you've ever heard bagpipes playing Amazing Grace, and then Taps... the second you get out of the car and hear it, you just lose it.

I don't remember ever crying so much, funeral or not; I couldn't imagine having to hand off the flag, because you can't show any emotion. Even if you don't know the person all that well, it's sad when anyone dies.

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