Battle Hymn of the Republic

by Marilyn Sutton Pless
(Concord, N.C., USA)

My father died after a long and courageous battle with cancer. He was originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and the biggest University of Georgia fan ever!

He was planning his funeral in the last few weeks before he died. It was sad sitting with him as he directed us as to what he wanted. Many tears were shed. Then, when we were all really upset he said "And when they carry me out of the church, I want them to play the Battle Hymn of the Republic. And see if Gladys (the church organist) will jazz it up for me". At that statement, I started to laugh. My mother was livid. "This is serious" she told me. I kept laughing. She popped my hand and said "This is not funny". I said "Yes it is. Don't you see what he wants? He wants the University of Georgia fight song played at his funeral. It is the same tune as Battle Hymn of the Republic - only jazzed up".
He got his wish.

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