Battle scars

by Katpoetik
(Stockton, CA )

Battling with the depth of me will be the death of me

Caught between aggression and depression trying to get the rest of me
I don't take xanexs so I can't let it get the best of me
Bodies falling next to me
Family taking their last breath, exhaling life, accepting death
Losing my grams, I lost my heart
Losing my aunt, I lost my poetic spark
Losing my uncle, tied the knot, with my soul gone, these memories mean a lot
Trying to understand what comes next
I'm a gem to these diamonds
The key to these closed options
I'm the hope to water the dead
Cause even though they are gone, their legend is what I have left
So I'll water these roots, in hopes they grow
Admire these diamonds, like their gold
Open these doors and count my blessings
Cause the lesson to be taught
Is to learn by what can no longer be caught

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