Butterfly Angel

by Sherry Gail Heim
(Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

This poem was for my grand-niece, Brooke, who was born too soon to survive. The very little time that she spent with her parents and grandparents changed their lives forever.

Butterfly Angel

There was an enchanted butterfly
Who had only but one wing
She walked because she could not fly
And she taught herself to sing

She had the keen ability
Of making others smile
‘Twas her understanding of the heart
That made it all worthwhile

She sang her songs of happiness
And tales of love so true
She’d sing so loud as she would walk
None near her could feel blue

Her lovely voice would echo
Off the mountains, through the glen
And all the creatures in her path
Felt humbled by their friend

A frog came up and asked her
“How come you do not fly?”
She said “Dear frog, if I had wings,
I could not see you eye to eye.”

She was blessed without her wing, she said
And in being kept earthbound
She was able to enchant the lives
Of all the creatures on the ground

You see though soaring has its perks
On land she’d rather be
So she could use her pretty voice
To teach love and harmony

On a starry night while all alone
With no one else in sight
She returned to her true angel self
Then flew off into the night

But every morning at sunrise
If you listen you will hear
The butterfly angel’s pretty voice
Still spreading love and cheer

Sherry Heim
February 24, 2006
In Loving Memory of Brooke

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