Don't Wake Me - Skillet

by Brian
(Toledo, Iowa)

My son Ryder was born on July 15th 2010 - The day after my 23rd birthday.

My mother said he was my late birthday gift. And he truly was a gift. He was always so happy and always smiling and was filled with so much love.

He passed away on December 22 from SIDS. I was absolutely devastated. My son was my whole world and still is. My wife and I had very separate reactions. She had a very hard time getting to sleep at night. I on the other hand had a difficult time waking up because I knew the day I would wake up to would be a day without my precious boy. And I would dream that I was with him. As if he was telling me he was still here with me. This song really captured how i felt and still holds a special place in my heart.

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