Find Your Wings by Mark Harris

by Sarah

This is the necklace my grandmother gave me.

This is the necklace my grandmother gave me.

April 30th, 2009

My grandmother passed away a year ago. My whole family (my mom, dad, twin brothers, 8 uncles and aunts, and cousins) were crying at her grave for hours. I had known about this song but I never stopped to think about it.

I have always had a dream of being an actress and my grandmother came to everyone of my horrible school plays (right down to the one that I was the tree in).

She was always asking for an autographed copy of the playbill (she swore she was going to sell them on e-bay when I was famous).

Later that year, on my birthday, my aunt came up with a few boxes of her stuff that we needed to divide (i got my playbills back and my cousin got her albino elephant).

When we were done going through all the picture albums and junk my aunt gave me and my two closest girl cousins small blue boxes.

She explained that these were on her dresser along with a bunch of Easter stuff. She thought that they were for us (my cousins ages are all spread out and we were 12, 13, and 15 and the closest are 23 and 9).

Inside the boxes was a necklace. It was a heart that had diamonds on the two "hill" parts. All three of us made a promise to wear them everyday. Along with the necklace our aunt gave us a check for $100 and a letter from our grandmother. The letter read:

Dear Love (she called us all that),
If you are reading this it means that I am either never going to die or I am dead. Don't worry about me, I believed in God and so should you. Nothing in the world is better than having a faith that carries over into death. I thought you would need a little reasurance for what lies ahead.

All of you are special, you should never forget that. In my life I have met people that wish that they were like you and that want to have the privileges that you have. You never should let anything get you down, especially all the small stuff.

When you grow up you will have a great life with someone who realizes how special you are. Eventually, you will realize how much of a blessing my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids are to me.

They will mean even more to you. Life is unfair and you can't let anything keep you from shooting for the stars, they are waiting. You will all succeed later and nothing can stop that. You're not living if you don't take chances. Don't let my absence be something that you let keep you down. I am ALWAYS here. I will be watching and caring for you ALWAYS.

Don't become discouraged, keep living. And never take any of the crap (that was her favorite word) life throws at you.
I love you more than the life I have lost,

We were all in tears again and I went biking out to the edge of New Jersey. There was a small cliff there that I loved to sit by and just think.

I brought my iPod and just hit shuffle songs. By the will of God the first song was 'Find Your Wings'. The lyrics say "It's not living if you don't reach for the sky".

In the letter were the words 'You're not living if you don't take chances'. I immediatly connected and broke out in tears. Whenever I hear that song I immediatly think of the letter, the necklace, and my grandmother.

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