For You I Will - Monica

by Franky Deanne
(Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada)

I love this picture because this is how i gave her, her nickname

I love this picture because this is how i gave her, her nickname

My 16 yr old friend Laramie Jessica Joy Ross passed away on March 28, 2009 @ 10:07 pm. I was supposed to get together with her that weekend, and we were going to watch all the episodes of Land Before Time and reminisce.

This creepy guy wanted to hang out with me that weekend, and I just didn't want to so I made a trip to my fathers house a few hours away. Laramie being the forgiving girl she was understood.

I got a call around midnight saturday saying Laramie had gotten in a car accident and passed away along with the two other girls that were in the vehicle. The thought, " she is gone " was all that would run through my mind. I had nothing to say. I didn't know what to do. I cried for three days straight. It was safe to say i got maybe 6 hours of sleep.

Laramie's prayers were beautiful- little did I know it was gunna be an open casket. Walking in there having seen her like that for the very last time was really hard. She was still beautiful. She always will be. She will also now be my guardian angel.

I miss Laramie, still to this day it doesn't feel real. It's been almost 3 months. I think about her everyday, and dream about her every night. I love her, and I will miss her along with everyone else that loved her so.

Laramie's Famous Last Words to me:

"Que Passa?!"

-p.s- Laramie was one that LOVED to have fun, and knew just what to say when you were down, she may have only been sixteen but she had a boy that loved her so, and she had already been takin university classes, she was on debate teams, band, choir, and dance. Laramie was a wonderful and very accomplished girl.

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