by laurel larison
(manassas, virginia)

Loved you dad I miss you

Loved you dad I miss you

As the day draws to a close, I feel the Lord's presence ever near.

I feel that the time I have lived here on earth is easing in memory to leave this world
Going on to the ladder of life to heavens gate I will arrive,
I am feeling much better than I did, the cancer is gone and I feel a twinge,
The light is faint but I can see going up the laddder ever so clear,
I feel the warmth of the sun and moon, I feel the ladder is getter easier to see,
There is someone waiting, I can see, the faint shadow is coming ever near,
I have gone up to the half way mark, I see even clearer the shadow becoming so vivid and I know, wow the Lord is waiting for me at the top.

I had felt bad for so long but all pain is suffering is gone, The Lord is waiting for me at the top, I see His heavenly face and robe. I see a hand to take mine. It is helping me stand for I am not so strong.

The ladder is now gone and I am standing in the light with the Lord embracing me and letting me know, the time has come for you to come home.

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