Hells Bells -AC/DC

by Alex

A few months ago, December of my senior year, my best friend died in a car accident. She was driving home to meet her family at their home when a drunk driver plummeted his car into her's.

She had been pushed off the road into a tumbling 700 ft. drop that lead to her injury. The ambulance was able to make it to the beach where Sammy was, and took her to the hospital. They didn't have strong enough stuff to put her out with, and to do extensive surgery they would have to keep her awake and in pain.

Sam died that night, at exactly 2:24 in the morning, surrounded by all her family and friends and schoolmates on New Years.
I'm happy that she got to see 2010 even though she was hiding her pain from her family.
Before she died, Sam had always had a wicked sense of humor. She asked me if I could arrange to have "Hells Bells" by AC/DC played during her funeral just to piss everyone off.

I did as she asked, and her parents just smiled and cried when I told them four days later at her funeral.

Her older sister and two brothers both traveled across the world to see her. Her oldest brother, James, drove straight five hours and must have broke too many speeding laws to count. He saved the speeding ticket he got in honor of Sam.

Now, almost August, our school saved money and got a plaque in honor of Sam. She was going to Ivy League. Its a shame she never made it there.
Sam would have been the greatest contribution to the world that I can ever imagine.

Rest In Peace, Samantha Rosemarie.

And whenever I feel down, I have my own little angel in white, my guardian angel, Sam, to protect me. And so far, Sam, you've been great at doing your job.

No one here Sam has forgotten you, especially Ms. Burns who pestered you all year about your Ivy League success. Even she misses you. And your boyfriend still comes and visits your family since they grew so found of him in all those years that you two dated.

With Eternal Love,

Your Best Friend,

Alexandra, or Alex, or just plain # 86 from the 5 grade when we met.

<3 xoxoxo

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