I Will Wait - Lori Volker

by Lori Volker
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

I Will Wait

I will wait for you under a beautiful evening sky,
My sweet love, wipe away the tears...please don't cry.
My body is now strong and my mind so clear.
I have gone ahead but will wait for you my dear.

Until then know I am always with you,
I am the cool autumn breeze
that lifts fallen leaves.
Caressing your back I am the warm sunshine,
driving through the mountains I am the cool scent of pine.
And as you sit watching our family play.
remember my love is just a hug away.
My spirit and heart is carried by our children and theirs,
because God finds a way to answer the greatest of prayers.
So when you need me, need my warm touch,
hug one of our kids and know I loved you so much.

I have gone ahead but will wait for you my sweet,
Before you know it, we will be together again, and our love complete.

Lori Volker

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