Im going up yonder by Shirley Ceasar, Grandma's Hands by Bill Withers and Still Away to Jesus by Shirley Ceasar

by James

My grandmother died the day after my 15 birthday in April, and these songs made me cry more, but they definitely helped.

I have almost become obsessed with "funeral songs" now because I listen to them so much, but I can't stop. My birthday was on a Wednesday so I was having a dinner party that Saturday, and when she died I wanted to cancel but the people paying for it (my parents)wouldn't let me. I spent that entire night sitting at the head of the restaurant table, sad and frustrated.
Nobody understood why I couldn't be happy, even though they lost a grandmother/mother/aunt/sister too. As soon as I got home I found this website and listened to literally almost every song. Today I asked to go to the cemetery for the first time and no one would take me, so I'm back on

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