Llorando(crying) by Rebekah Del Rio written by Roy Orbinson

I heard this song done by Rebekah Del Rio and I want it played at my funeral.

I wasn't thinking clearly when planning my sons funeral.

Steven was 18 and died of a heart attack on November 12, 2008.

Steven was very musical and often thought of himself as a rockstar. He was taking keyboard lessons and had just started guitar lessons.

Other songs for your list I have thought of are:

"I will always love you" - Dolly Parton.(original

"Fields of Gold" - Leon and Eric Bibb version, written by Sting

I did however play "Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a wonderful world" by Izrael KamaKawiwo'ole

Please look up Rebekah Del Rio Llorando it is also on the Mullholland drive sound track. It is voice only.

A radio station to listen to on the internet is CKUA they play everything.
Thanks, Al.

Yo estaba bien por un tiempo,

volviendo a sonreír.

Luego anoche te vi

tu mano me tocó

y el saludo de tu voz.

Y hablé muy bien de tu

sin saber que he estado

llorando por tu amor (x3).

Luego de tu adiós sentí todo mi dolor.

Sola y llorando,

llorando (x3).

No es fácil de entender

que al verte otra vez

Yo seguiré llorando

Yo que pensé que te olvidé

pero es verdad es la verdad

que te quiero aún más,

mucho más que ayer.

Dime tú qué puedo hacer

no me quieres ya

y siempre estaré

llorando por tu amor (x2).

Tu amor se llevó

todo mi corazon

y quedo llorando

llorando (x5)

por tu amor.

English Translation (not the literal trans):

I was all right for a while,

I could smile for a while.

But I saw you last night;

You held my hand so tight

when you stopped to say hello.

Oh, I spoke so well about you,

you couldn't tell

that I'd been crying over you,

crying over you.

After you said so long,

I felt all my pain.

Alone and crying

Crying (x3).

It's hard to understand

That seeing you again

I go on crying

I thought that I was over you

But it's true, so true

I love you even more

Than I did before

But what can I do?

If you don´t want me anymore

And I'll always be

Crying over you (x2).

Your love, it has taken

All of my heart away.

I'll be crying

crying (x5)

over you.

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