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Angels Don't Cry
by: Tamara (Heavenly Doves editor)

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Angels Don't Cry

Once upon a time there was a Mom who lost her only son whom she loved dearly.
She cried, and cried and cried, days and nights, nothing would relieve her poignant pain.
One night she was bent over the table, weeping silently and sadly when she felt someone touch her arm very, very sweetly.
Raising her head, she saw an angel with the face of her child.
The angel had his wings closed looking heavy and wet.
He said: "Mom, it's me! Look at me, Mom.
I'm an angel now, but I can't fly.
My wings are wet and heavy from your tears.
I'm with Jesus, but I need to fly and I can't... also because I wouldn't leave you like this.
Mom please, let me go and don't cry anymore. Not like that.
Cry of joy for having had me with you these years.
Cry of emotion for having been my Mom, but believe me, I'm alive.
Now, let me go, Mom, let me fly!"
The woman fell asleep for the first time since her boy had gone, and she only cried very rarely, and always very sweetly, feeling an intermittent joy inside her heart that started with the visit from her angel.

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