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It's what someone might say when they're dying?
by: Tamara

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous.This poem is written from the point of view of someone who knows their time to die is soon and they would hate to think that one of their nearest and dearest is not living their to the fullest because they feel they have to grieve for a certain amount of time.
Of course everyone grieves in a different way so there are no rules about how long anyone should grieve for. Yes grief counsellors often advise that telling someone to "let go" or "move on" is one of the worst things you could say to someone who is grieving, but its also possible that this poem might be a wake up call to someone who has been in a rut of depression to realise that going out and having fun or doing good deeds is not a bad thing and might even relieve some of the pain of their grief.

Nauseating poem
by: Anonymous

I'm honestly sorry for the loss of your beloved mother, Sally. I have to say though that I hate this ridiculously awful poem, and my grief counsellor dislikes it too. Nobody has any right to tell a bereaved person how to feel, and this piece of trite pap does just that. "Let go"
is a platitude that is offensive to many grieving people, and a piece of silly fluff like this cannot tell you how long to miss the love of your life. I "let go" of my husband in the hospital where he died, and no, I won't be doing it again, because we can have a relationship with our loved ones into eternity. I have done plenty of crying with a bowed head, and I know that's okay. Also, a loved one dying of cancer or in some other traumatic way, is not part of a "plan." This poem was in the memorial book given out by our funeral director; I wrote to him with my concerns, and he agreed that it is not appropriate for many people, and pulled it, thank god. Ugh, dreadful.

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