My Dads Tools

by Bob Switzer
(New England)

When I was just a boy, I would stay and and stare at all my dad's tools.I knew tools were used to fix or to build things that you wanted or needed. I would look at the tools and try to figure out what they could be used for and why my dad needed them.

Through the years, Dad taught me about his tools. They were not to be played with, but were useful and were to be left alone until needed. I saw many uses for each tool and how important to have a place to take care of them. Tools could not only help us, but Dad showed me how they could be used to help others as well.

The time has come and Dad is now passing his tools my way. As I look back I see Dad has given me tools throughout my life.

He gave me the plumbline of truth to keep me straight;

The pry bar of integrity he never bends despite the pull of the world around it;

A variety of saws to cut through large concepts and make them practical and useful for everyone;

A Grindstone and sandpaper of discipline, they help take the rough edges off of life;

The level and square of discernment help me see if things are really as good as they look,
and variety of hammers, screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches and pliers to help me pull, pound, twist, tighten, take off or build what life may require.

He taught me to use my eyes and notice things that need to be worked on and to see others who may need help. Tools are IN a box of love. The box helps keep everything in order, keeps them from being misplaced, and lets me carry them wherever I go.

Thank You Dan for all the tools you have given me. I pray I can pass them along to my children in years to come.

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