by Laurel Larison
(Manassas, VA)

My loving father

My loving father

My father Donald Bertman was a true man of God. He gave so much to the church. It was very hard for dad having lung cancer last year he passed away on October 8, 2008. I loved my dad so much. I am now without my mother and brother, both of whom died. I am the last living relative in the area now. I would like to honor my dad for all he did for everyone. He gave to the charities, to the nursing homes and to the church for years. I didn't realize but when he was sick the year of 2008 he had given 13,000 to the churches and others in need. I loved my father so much and I am at a true loss here. I loved my father and I miss him every single day. I loved him with all my heart. If you could remember him I would so appreciate it. I am truly so sad at such a great loss. My father never complained when he was sick he just didn't eat and drank very little not wanting to make others wait on him. He was buried November 1, 2008 on All Saints day. I truly miss him and I am lost without him. I have made the donation to the Lenten Appeal and will do so for the rest of my life. I am just so sad I cannot bear it. I need your prayers too. But I am not thinking of me here I am thinking of my father who gave so much. Lung cancer took him but I am sure he is in heaven now. Sorry for the long letter but my grief is so bad here. Peace to you. "Love and Peace be with you" as dad would say. I just want people to remember dad he was so kind and good.

Donald Bertman was a true wonderful human being as well as a wonderful father.

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