My Mother My Best Friend

by Lucy M Franklin
(Bossier City, La)

Lucille Dickens Straughn 3/20/2009

Lucille Dickens Straughn 3/20/2009

Since you have gone to heaven my Mother, My best friend,

Will my pain ever end,
My heart still aches,
Each morn as I do awake,
I know you are now in a much better place,
In Jesus arms and full embrace,
No longer do you have to face,
Sickness nor sorrow,
Or a painful filled tomorrow,
It's hard for me to imagine any kind of life a side from you,
But in my heart I know that you are watching and telling me what I must do now,
So my promise to you Mother, Best friend, I'll do it for you someway, some how!
I'll press through the depression, the anger, the loss,
My eyes now directly on the Cross,
For there my Heavenly Father felt just as I,
When he heard his only begotten Son CRY,
and Wail and Sigh,
For life on this earth will and does come to an end for us all,
But Jesus took the fall,
So you and I,
Would have everlasting life up so High!
Where the Angels do fly,
I can't wait to meet My Jesus standing beside My Mother, My Best friend,
Delivering her back to me for eternity once again!!!


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