NoOne is Alone from the play Into The Woods

by Dana
(Douglasville, Ga.)

This will be my message to my children when I pass on. It's basically saying, "You can do this, you can hold yourself up now, even if you don't think you can. It's time for you to become more than my child. You now have to take over your life and I know you have the strength to do so."

It's amazing how much we depend on our moms when we are "adults". When my mom passed I felt like I had lost part of my identity, lost the last bit of security in being the child (even though I was 38). I believe I would've felt that way no matter how old I was. After all, while I was pushed out of the nest long ago, I always had the comfort of knowing mom was still there "in case". Now, I'm my children's "in case", and for the first time I'm flying without my net. I hope I instill in them what my mom did in me; the strength, knowledge and ability to carry them through.

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