Precious Angel

by Lucy Franklin
(Bossier City, La)

Have you ever loss someone you loved with all your heart?

Then you felt lost and didn't know how to live again or even how to begin nor start,

Each night I would cry in agonizing pain,

Tears would flow unto my pillow leaving a river of stains,

I wanted her back to hold and kiss,

But now she my precious mother lives in heavenly bliss,

Though I know I can't have what my heart desires,

I would walk on coals and put out fires,

Just to have one more day,

To hold you and say,

I love you my Precious Angel with all my heart,

And for you my love I will live, I will live like we are now not apart,

I have so many beautiful memories of you dancing and prancing around in my mind,

You are the most beautiful Angel made to man kind,

When God created you to be my Mother,

He blessed me with a Precious Angel like no other,

So rest my love,

In heaven above,

Rest, Rest in Peace with Thee,

For someday we all will be one big family,

Together again, Together again,

In our new lives that we begin!


Lucy Franklin

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