Precious Mama

by Lucy Franklin
(Bossier City, La)

It's just not the same Mama without you here,

I have really been missing you my love my Dear!

One thing I know that is crystal clear,

You are in a place of joy, no more sorrow no more tears!

That's how we make it down here below,

Because God placed it in our hearts and soul, Through his word he lets us know,

That you are a shining Angel above,

Watching over each and everyone of us that you so very much loved!

I know in my heart your having wonderful days,

Because in Heaven its just that way,

God assures us in his word, that if we choose eternal life,

We'll live forever in beauty, love, and oh so secure, no more strife,

So as I think of you today,

I begin to pray,

Not for a life that was lost and did die,

But for My Mother, My Angel with Wings that now does FLY

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