Rest In Peace

The passing of a loved one can be a very painful, stressful experience that may take a long time to overcome.

After being in this situation many times, I decided to search for a piece of music that would serve as a celebration of someone's life, say thank you to the person for blessing my life, then say goodbye, and farewell.

I found it impossible to find a song that was a positive tribute and memento, rather than a disturbing, depressing and dark piece of music. I created Funeral Song-Rest In Peace to fill this void.

Since then it has been played at funerals, commemorations, ceremonies, celebrations, memorials and religious and spiritual events. It has also served as a healthy and comforting memento to several people, within private moments at their homes.

Funeral Song-Rest In Peace pays a wonderful, simple, homage to departed family members, friends, lovers, colleagues, acquaintances, and pets! The song has an uplifting, timeless, classic and melodic pop/rock ballad sound!

It was written, arranged, produced and recently remastered by myself, VH1 and Billboard award winning musician Andre R. I also performed the guitars, organ, bass, drums, percussion, lead and harmony vocals.

This song will help you to overcome difficult situations, as it has for myself and several others, while comforting you through the healing process, and paying tribute to your loved one.

Please accept my condolences to those who are suffering through a loss, and feel welcome to listen to Rest In Peace at

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