See you again by Wiz Khalifa We all live in a yellow submarine by The Beetles

by Kirstin Porter
( Earth)

My Papa (we call him Papa but he is our grandpa) was a great man but had gone through a lot of pain. He had both legs amputated at around age 50-55 and his wife/ex wife left him about 3-4 years before he passed. When he first passed I did not want to believe it because I never got to say goodbye but one thing that everyone in my family would say is before we left we would always always always say "I love you whole bunches for ever and ever." And to this day I still miss him and love him. At his funeral there was a lot of people and I was kind of scared because I was going to read a poem and I am very shy so I was not sure what to do but I did end up reading. (I will put the poem at the end). And when we were leaving my mom and her youngest brother got to close his casket. It was sad to see him go but it was beautiful to see my mom and uncle finally get along. (NONE OF MY AUNT, UNCLES, AND MOM GET ALONG TOO WELL) My cousins got to see my grandpa more than me and my sis and my grandpa would always sing to my cousins the song "We all live in a yellow submarine" by The Beatles and "See you again" was just a song that they picked out for the funeral but it still makes me cry every time i hear it.

So this is my story
This is also the poem below this!

Grandpa has ears that truly listen
Arms that always hold
Love that's never ending
And a heart that's made of gold

I cried when he passed away
And I still do to this day
All though I loved him dearly
I couldn’t make him stay
A golden heart stopped beating
Hard working hands at rest
God broke our heart to prove to us
He always takes the best

God looked around his garden and found an empty space
Then he looked upon the earth and saw Papa’s tired face
God knew he was too tired
And a cure was not to be
So he wrapped his arms around him
And whispered “Come with me”

People say that when you die
You turn into a star
And as I look up to the sky at night
I know he’s not too far

“We will never be apart”
As so i'm always told
But as I look up to the sky at night
I know I must be bold

God took Papa’s hand on May 2, 2015
Before my sister turned 16 and I turned 13

Here I sit in silence
I often speak his name
Now all I have is memories
And his picture in a frame

Even though I rarely saw him
It's hard to forget someone who
Gave you so much to remember.
My best memories of him
Were always on the 25th of December.

On the day of Papa’s funeral
I wasn’t sure what to say
I could not believe he is actually gone
And I still can't to this day

From all of the stories of angels and witch
And that there is no difference between poor and rich
Teaching me to stand up tall
And picking me up when I would fall
Making me happy when I was mad
And comforting me when I was sad
For my lovely Papa you are too good to be true
And I wanted to say that I truly love you

Gone yet not forgotten
All though we are apart
His memory lives within me
Forever in my heart

We’ve come a long way
From where we began
And i’ll tell him all about it
When I see him again

Love you whole bunches forever and ever

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