Tears and Rain - James Blunt

by Kristoffer R Andersen
(Sandefjord, Norway)

My story on my Grandad with Wegener's Granulomatosis

Wegener's Granulomatosis is a disease which infects all of your smaller arteries and organs like lungs and kidneys.

My Grandad got this disease in 1998 and he died today at 4 in the morning (9/13-10).
He has been sick now almost all my life because I'm just 15 years old, so that means that my Grandad has Been sick 13 years of my life. He was always brave!!! Maybe he needed to take 12 pills in the morning, 6 in the afternoon and 12 again in the evening.
And then he went like this for maybe 3 years and than he went either up or down on the pills.

He lived to be 70 years old, which is rare with a man with this condition.
But still, as it is when somebody you know, like your family or friends die, that's a struggle but it's still a part of life.

When I visited him yesterday I saw a man with no pain. He was on 1 ml morphine, just to ease the pain, but they had removed all the medications. There was no hope, and it was his time to leave us behind. When i visited hm he had became blind, he could barely say yes or no but he could hear.
So when me and my sister came, my grandmother told him that we were there and he opened his eyes and tilted his head towards us. This surprised both my mother and my grandmother, and me and my sister!

And i sat beside him for a couple of hours just looking at him, while he was mumbling to my sister holding her hands. He probably didn't know what he was saying because of the morphine, but still he was my Grandad inside!

The fine thing about knowing somebody is going to die in the matters of hours is that you can grieve before they die. I got the message 7 a.m today but didn't get sad, i thought to myself, that I hope that he now has no pain at all.

Well, for short that was the story of my Grandad... Rest in peace.

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