The Brighter Side

by BrendaLiveLife
(BellaVida,Photography® Florida )

Don't cry for me,

I will always be in your hearts.
"Hey there," weeping.
Just remember my laughter,
That will make you chuckle with a smile.

Rejoice for me, I am free,
God granted me, many years,
With a family, and friends
Things to do and
Places to see

I have earned my wings.
God has sent for me,
Rejoice my entering to paradise.

Close your eyes and see me smile,
While, I see you smiling back.
Be grateful, and love each other,
The way you loved me.

God has relieved my weary tired body,
Shined his light and, reclaimed my soul.
Now lay it to rest but,
Remember no sorrow.

I am with you always,
God, will grant us all peace and understanding.

By Brenda L.Poydence☮BLPS©

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