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The last reunion
by: Tamara

Hi darla, is this the poem you are referring to?

A Fictional Poem

“The door is unlocked,â€

The frail voice cried.

So, I slowly stepped inside,

While straining my eyes to see.

The air was stifling hot,

And there lying on a cot,

Was a familiar face staring back at me.

The ceiling fan overhead,

Was directly above his bed,

Yet it did little to cool the room.

I could barely get my breath,

As I felt the presence of death,

And the overwhelming gloom

“You wanted to see me,†I said,

And as I nervously approached his bed,

I saw a penitent look upon his face.

He said, “You left here so long ago.â€

“I didn’t really know,â€

“If you could still find this place.â€

“I know I’ve been such a wicked man.â€

“But, now I’m trying to do all I can,â€

“I’ve asked Jesus to forgive me, Son.â€

I had not seen my father for years.

And I remembered shedding many tears,

Over all the things he had done.

Bitter memories flooded my mind,

As I struggled to find,

Some kind words to say.

Inside a still small voice,

Said, “Only you can make the choice.â€

“Choose to forgive him today!â€

“ I forgive you ,†I cried,

As I swallowed my foolish pride,

And lovingly clasping his hand.

Then, my heart felt so light,

As his soul took it’s flight,

On the way to Sweet Beaulah Land!

Robert F. Dotson © 2008

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