The Love in Your Eyes

by Debi Hutchinson
(Cape Town South Africa)

Mom, I know you had the worst of times,

And things were not always grand.
But you hung in there and made the best of it,
Never forgetting to hold my hand.

Having a baby without 9 months to prepare
Is not the easiest thing to do.
But you took on the challenge with the strength of love
And I found the mother I needed in you.

Giving birth to a child is a duty done,
Being a mother demands sacrifice and tears.
Birth can take a couple of painful hours,
But mothering takes the best of your years.

You took upon the pain of an abusive life,
Enduring the odd “fist” because of me.
Protecting me from the evils of those you loved,
Hiding the bruises so no one would see.

You did your upmost to give me the best,
And there were so many things I wanted to say.
But you left me before I could get to you,
So I could thank you for who I am today …

I will remember the days filled with laughter and smiles,
And I know we will share them again.
Without the reality of those evil around us,
Causing unhappiness and tears and pain.

So rest now Mom, and enjoy your peace,
God knows you have done your time.
You’ve served a sentence of living in hell,
“Giving love” being your only crime.

Until then Mom, I will see you in my dreams,
Hear your voice in my thoughts whilst I lay.
For we will once again be together Mom,
Hopefully not too soon – but eventually one day.

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