by Ian Duncan

Sage, wit and generous soul.

What you left was a gaping hole.
Which we will fill with memories fond
And fantastic adventures in the great beyond.

We will continue the healing and set high goals
Til they have been achieved and we are all old.
And then we will sit with generations next
Watching them and being quite perplexed

They had no Wally to guide and puzzle
to laugh and joke or gently muzzle
They just have us to share their lives
to watch and grow and see them thrive.

And then is when we realize that
ever since Wally and I first caught eyes
We unconciously did a plan devise.
To live each day as best we can
and rise to occasions no matter demand.

So celebrate each rising son
And be now certain this race has won.
The batton has been passed to miriad friends
who will make certain this relay never ends.

So cross the tape Wally running chest to the wind
We celebrate now your harrowing win.
We will love you, miss you and celebrate you always.

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