Make Your Wedding Ceremony
Unique and Spectacular

How do you picture your wedding ceremony?
Imagine having white doves take off and circle in the sky above as you are pronounced husband and wife. It is a fitting tribute to the love and commitment that you are celebrating.

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Click on any of the photos on this page to see them in a slide show.

A display and release of white doves makes an elegant addition to most types of weddings. Are you planning a theme for your ceremony?
Our doves fit in with any of these:

  • Church or chapel wedding (any religion or denomination)
  • Formal or Casual Garden wedding
  • Beach wedding
  • Country wedding
  • White wedding
  • Heavenly themed wedding
  • Some people have a part of their wedding ceremony dedicated
    to special family or friends who have passed away. The dove release represents the spirit of their
    loved ones being with them on their special day.
  • "Ann of Green Gables" style wedding
  • Backyard wedding
  • Animal featured wedding - which could also include
      Horses&Carriage + Butterfly Release
    + the bride and groom's dogs get walked down the aisle with the bridesmaids!!!
    Yes, I really have seen such a ceremony!
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  • At every wedding, our Heavenly Doves release service includes:
  • An attendant to help you release your doves at the most memorable moment.
  • The use of ornamental display cages so that your guests can
    admire the doves before they are released.
    We are happy to decorate the cages to suit your wedding theme.
  • Readings and poems about the symbolism of white doves.
    We have a collection of poems/readings that will be emailed to you if you request it. Your chosen words can be read out by your celebrant, a family member,
    a friend or your dove-release attendant just before the doves take off into the sky.
  • You receive a personalized wedding card with real white dove feathers as a memento of our white doves
    on your special day.
  • As an optional extra, we can supply dove-themed wedding bubbles
    For a small extra charge (ie. the cost of the bubbles), the doves are placed in a decorated basket and we will hand them out to your guests.
    We tell everyone to blow the bubbles while the doves are being released and photos are being taken.

Here are a couple of different options for releasing the white doves at your ceremony.

1) Release a Pair of Doves
The bride and groom each hold a dove. After being released the two doves circle around together and then fly home - a gorgeous symbol of a couple's new life together.

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2) Bride and Groom + their parents
The bride and groom release 2 doves, and shortly after 4 doves are released by the parents of the bride and groom (or representatives of each family) to symbolise blessings from each family for the wedding and the joining together of the two families in marriage.
3) The Bridal Party Dove Release We bring a dove for every person in the bridal party to release for a photo. Plus we bring an extra 2 doves for the bride and groom to release by themselves.

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4) Release a Spectacular Flock of White Doves We bring around 20 white doves and liberate them from their boxes at the conclusion of the ceremony. It is optional for the bride and groom to release a dove each as well. The doves will circle around the sky in a big group before making their way home.

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5) We can tailor a dove release package to suit your needs.

To see more photos of Heavenly Doves around Sydney, drop over to our FACEBOOK page where you can see up-to-the minute photos and commentary about all the exciting places we visit :>)

Ornamental Cages

We have a selection of cages available to display the doves. Cages can be placed at the entrance to your ceremony to entertain guests as they arrive. Or they could be displayed inside a church or out the front of a garden ceremony.
The doves are usually taken out of the cages to be handed to the bride and groom for release at the end of the ceremony.
Any of the following cages are available to use as a cost-free bonus.

Big Metal Cages
We have matching pairs of these cages that hold around 6 doves or 4 fantails per cage. They are great for displaying the flying doves before we hand them to the bridal party, friends or family to release. Or displaying the fantails before we let them out for people to hold for photos. Available in Black or White

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The Heart-Shaped Boxes
These are our most popular displays. We also have a matching pair, so you can have them displayed on each side of the ceremony or church doors.

They hold up to 6 doves in each cage. You can choose to hand-release the doves or simply open the cage for a flock release. Each cage sits on an elegant white pedestal.

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Rectangular Cages
We also have a matching pair of these cages on elegant stands, so they are great if you want to place 2 doves in each outside the church or at the front of a garden ceremony.
The rectangular cages are a good option if you don't want to hold the doves. You simply lift the lid for the doves to fly out.

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The Pigeon Palace
An elegant white cage made from wood and wire that sits on a white pedestal. It can hold 2 doves. We also have a matching pair, so you have the option of having 1 dove in each cage for display out the front of a church or ceremony area.

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1) Fantails (also known as "Dancing Doves")
Fantails are white doves bred especially for their interesting
peacock-style tail. These doves cannot fly very far, but they are popular at weddings because they wander around and entertain the guests.
Sometimes they even twirl around on the spot as if they are doing ballet!
Children absolutely love them, and they will be an interesting
addition to your photos.

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2) Dove Wedding Bubbles
To continue the dove theme, and give your guests some "audience participation" while you are releasing doves, we now supply dove wedding bubbles.

Each bottle has a dove on top of a pearlised white container with approx. 20 ml of non-staining bubble solution inside. The wand is inside the cap.
The bubbles are 80 cents per bottle.
For no delivery cost, we can bring the bubbles to the church or garden ceremony in an attractive basket if you are already releasing our doves. We can give them to your guests as they arrive (at a garden wedding) or when people are coming out of the church (at a church wedding).
You are also welcome to buy the dove bubbles even if don't want to release doves - or you are releasing doves somewhere outside the Sydney Metro region(where we can't bring doves). The bubbles will be posted to you within Australia or overseas (shipping charges apply).