Without you by Laura Pausini

by Debbie Pareja

This is Debbie, I live right now in Switzerland but I come from Philippines. The man who had been a big part of my life, my ex-boyfriend who became my best friend passed away last month(July,2011).

He had been my inspiration and light especially when I was down, he was always there though for the past year.

I had not seen him in person but we communicated often, he seemed happy living his life and doing what he wanted to help others in his own ways and he spent the last years in his life realizing God in his life.

He was often funny. There might be some people who could not understand him well but he was the gentlest and sweetest person I had ever known. I never thought that he would be gone unexpectedly and suddenly (he died of a heart attack ).

I was not there so it is still heartbreaking and painful even at this time to think that I can no longer see or hear his familiar voice.

I do not know how long the pain will stay but all I know that a part of my heart had been taken away from me.

This is for my beloved David H.L. , you will always be cherished because in many ways, you touched my life and the others whom you shared your smile, your time and your help.

I love you and I will always miss you.

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