Wonderwall - Oasis

My best friend died in a terrible car accident when I was 18. Her favourite song was Wonderwall by Oasis and it was played at St

David's cathedral in Hobart while a bit over a thousand people sat
to say farewell to her. It was the first time "canned" music/pop
music had ever been played there. Whenever me, my family or my
friends hear the song we turn it up and sing it at the top of our
lungs. It always pops up on special occasions, or when we're
really missing her, and we all know its her way of telling us that
she's there.

Also the choir sang You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban/ Secret Garden),
and it was the most emotional moment I've ever experienced, and
as she was taken out of the cathedral, Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles played, I still can't listen to that song, maybe one day.

Wonderwall -

You Raise Me Up -

Here Comes The Sun -

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