You'll Be There sung by George Strait played at Johnny Keith Dlouhy's (JD's) funeral

by Shelbie Wilson
(Austin, Texas)

Always a soldier, but he never joined the military.

Always a soldier, but he never joined the military.

My Mema had 12 kids; 6 boys, 6 girls (my mom's one of the six). This was one of the songs played at my uncle jd's funeral. I saw him not even a week before he passed at my cousin's graduation party (May 28th, 2004) , and we were talkin' about this song we had just heard and how much we liked it.

Later that night JD brought up the oddest conversation. He asked my mother and my other uncle who he thought would be the first to die out of the 12 of them.
At first no one thought much of it and dismissed it like he was kidding around like he always did. But then he said "No I'm serious which one of us is gonna go first?" We all stopped having a good time and silence fell. Then my mother said "I dont know JD, why are you bringing that up? Nothing like that is happening tonight so let's not discuss it."
JD then said... "It's gonna be me, Not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but its gonna be me first wait and see." We all figured he was just screwing around and let it go as if it was nothing.

The morning of June 3rd, 2004 not even a week later, he had a cerebral aneurysm and was rushed to the hospital. He passed away on June 7th 2004.

After we played "Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi, we played "You'll Be There" by George Strait. The crazy thing is, I guess in some weird way he already knew it was coming and was at peace with it beforehand.

Something about JD (Johnny Keith Dlouhy)...

Although he never really learned to read and he was dyslexic, he overcame many odds. He loved history and could tell you more about any battle than a history book could. He loved to dress up in army gear and pretend to be army soldiers. He admired firefighters and used to volunteer at many stations. He was the biggest prankster and storyteller you could imagine. He actually showed up to his sister's wedding in head to toe Robert E Lee attire as if he were fighting in the Civil War. He would have joined had they let him in. He also liked to setup mock battles and loved airplanes. He had two children, Brooke and Cody. He never got to see any of his grandchildren, but I'm sure one day he will. Thats is just a little bit about him.

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