Life Is Too Short

What do you think?

by Sonya Davis 
(Atlanta Georgia, USA)

Life is too short, 
It is not enough.
86 years God loaned her to us
Her joyful spirit breathed joy into pain
She’d cast sunshine wherever there was rain 

Life is too short
It is not enough
We never want to be without the person we love
Missing her nor loving her will ever cease 
We’ll seek solace in knowing her soul’s at ease.

Life is too short
It is not enough
To no longer hear her voice or feel her warm touch
The Kingdom of Heaven was in need of an angel
Though our hearts will ache, know that He’s able

Able to remove our pain, able to stop the rain
Able to lift us up, when we’re losing our faith.
Call on the Lord, in your time of need. 
He’ll always and forever keep us in perfect peace. 

Sonya Davis


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