Your Perfect Funeral

My Perfect Funeral

This is a topic people don’t very often talk about, but if the conversation arises, everyone has an opinion. How do you imagine your funeral? Do you have any specific ideas about what you want to happen at your funeral or are you just going to leave all the decisions to your family? 

As no one knows when their last day on this earth will be – it doesn’t matter if you are young or old – if you have wishes about your funeral it helps to share them with your loved ones. On this page we’re asking for submissions from our readers about your ideal funeral. It could be traditional, it could be crazy and quirky. We want to know all about it here. 

If you need inspiration there are plenty of ideas for songs and poems amongst the pages of this website. After you submit the form below, it will be published as a blog post. I will email you the link which you can then share with your family and friends. If you ever change your mind about anything you’ve submitted, let us know and we’ll update it. Unless you specifically request it, your page will be visible to everyone and your ideas could also help others who are in the process of planning a beautiful funeral for someone they love. If you don’t want your page to be public, it can be published as a password protected page for you to share only with the people you choose to see it. 

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Your Perfect Funerals