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Memorable Funeral and Memorial Poems and Songs

Often when a person you love passes away it is a shock. Or even if it was expected, you might not get much time to process your emotions while planning their funeral.

The HeavenlyWhiteDoves website was started back in 2003 to inform and educate clients and customers about my white dove release business. Due to many circumstances we no longer offer the white dove release service, but as a side project, I wrote webpages about songs and poems for funerals and memorials.

Because I went to so many of these types of events, I was always interested by the condolence songs and poems that were chosen to remember and celebrate the lives of people I usually had never met. Well chosen songs and poems really brought out the personality of the person being mourned. Some of the poems and songs would bring me to tears even though I knew nothing about the person and had never met them!

It was, for this reason, I decided that the songs and poems that were played or read for a funeral or memorial are so important. But it’s so difficult to choose when there are so many options and there isn’t much time to plan.

Hopefully, the information on this site will help you in this difficult, emotional time. There are also reviews by people who have chosen certain songs or poems for funerals or memorials to help you with your choice.

The poems and songs on this website could also be a useful for reminiscing about people who may not have passed away but are just no longer in your life but you wish they were.

Best Wishes,

Tamara – HeavenlyWhiteDoves.net owner.

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