My Hero: In Memory of Taylor Hawkins from The Foo Fighters


RIP Taylor Hawkins: 1972-2022

Taylor Hawkins was the amazing drummer who played up a storm with rock band the Foo Fighters. He shockingly passed away just before the band was due to  perform in Columbia earlier this year. 

The band held two tribute concerts in September for Taylor, the first in London and later in California. Both concerts included stellar performances from legendary musicians who Taylor had befriended and idolised.

The highlight of the event in my opinion was when Taylor’s son Shane played drums with the Foo Fighters performing one of their best known songs, My Hero.

The audience went wild and sang along as 16 year old Shane Hawkins played his dad’s drums with all the passion that would have made his father proud.

Midway through the event was a stunning performance of the song Hallelujah sang by Dave Grohl’s teenage daughter Violet. This was one of the many highlights of the concert. 

The finale of the tribute was Dave Grohl playing Everlong. This song is traditionally played at the end of every Foo Fighters gig but this time he played it solo which added to the poignancy.

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