Funeral Poems About Loved Ones Being Reunited In Heaven


I’ve had requests recently for suggestions of poems about loved ones being reunited in heaven; especially parents or grandparents being back together in the afterlife.

I’ve done some extensive searching and hopefully some of these poems will bring some hope and comfort.

The Promise of Tomorrow

We walked the path of this life, 
Hand in hand, heart to heart, 
Joined as one, Husband and Wife, 
Until we had to part. 

Death is a curious idea, 
My love for you is very real, 
It pains me to live without you near, 
It’s something time will never heal. 

Now my darling, I close my eyes, 
and imagine your smiling face, 
as my spirit flies towards the skies, 
and I’m reunited with you in grace. 

No one could truly be mourning, 
If they just knew how grateful I am, 
I’m with you and it’s like a summer’s morning, 
Joined forever, woman and man. 

I look briefly at the ones who have to live on, 
In the world of trials and strife, 
but I know you’ll be fine, you wont go wrong, 
You too, will leave this life. 

Do not be down, 
don’t you frown, 
let go of your sorrow! 
because soon there’ll be a glorious sound, 
and a promise of tomorrow.

Author: Unknown

Mother and Child Reunited

I thought that I was having a dream

That I was in heave and this was the scene

“Come and see the Angels play,

they’re having so much fun today.”

I wondered what was going on

to make them sing and play this long

And then an Angel caught my eye

And down to me it began to fly.

And then another Angel came and then

this one gently called my name.

I went up to Heaven too

And never again was I ever blue.

Because now the mother and the child

have been reunited on the other side.

 © 2011

Precious Memories

We weren’t prepared that day

When  God called you away

So many tears we cried

Longing to keep you at our side.


How we loved and missed you so

And weren’t ready to let you go

But it gives us comfort to know

Within the twinkling of our eyes

You entered into paradise.


A place with beauty beyond measure

Eternal happiness and treasure

Where you have no more pain and tears

Nor sorrow, worries, and fears.


Although for now we are apart

Your precious memories live in our heart

Until God calls us each to Heaven’s door

Where we will be reunited, forever more.


[A poem by Gabriele Embry, USA. This poem is dedicated to all the families who have lost a loved one.]




She knew her life was through

But wasn’t scared to die

She closed her pain filled eyes

Her final breath a sigh


Her husband took her hand

And whispered ‘Welcome Dear’

It’s been so very long – 

we won’t be parted here

 ©2012 Jack Horne 

In Loving Memory of Mum & Dad

I am sending a dove to Heaven

With a parcel on its wings

Be careful when you open it

It’s full of beautiful things

Inside are a million kisses

Wrapped up in a million hugs

To say how much I miss you

And to send you all my love

Mum and Dad

I hold you close 

Within my heart

And there you will remain

To walk with me 

Throughout my life

Until we meet again.

Author: Unknown


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  1. Thank you! Reunited is just perfect for my grandmother who just passed. Many thanks


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