Top 13 Memorial Songs for Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and other treasured ladies in your life


1) Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

Ed’s heartfelt song about the passing of his gran brings tears to the eyes and shivers down the spine.

This song was originally written for the funeral of a lady who worked for Alan Jackson. Because it is very relatable for so many people it’s become a popular choice for remembrance services everywhere.

Celine Dion originally didn’t want to perform this song, but changed her mind a few years later. She is quoted as saying “Now, being a mother, I found the strength to sing it, but it was hard,” she said. Its lesson? “Never wait too long to tell someone how you feel.”

“How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” were the words spoken to the writer of this song, Burton Collins, by his grandmother just before she passed away. He then collaborated with renowned songwriter Karen Taylor-Good and they wrote the whole song in 3 hours.

Professional Opera singers turned pop stars, Il Divo are singing thanks to their mothers for all the love and sacrifice  their mothers have given them so they could follow their dreams.

From 90’s American Super R&B group Boyz II Men, this song is basically a thank you to their mothers. It expresses gratitude for the help their mothers have given them throughout their life, and the inspiration and support to be the best people they could be.

This is the song Robbie Williams wrote for his grandmother, Betty, after she died. Robbie has a tattoo of the letter B behind his left ear as a tribute to her. This song is about his hopes that they will meet again in heaven someday.

A beautiful song about the guidance and strength that Kellie Pickler gained from her grandmother throughout her childhood.

This is a country-style coming of age song about a girl moving away from home for the for the first time. Her mother reminds her about all the things not to forget including her.  We often rely on our mothers to remind us of all the important things in life.

English singer/songwriter Jon Barker wrote this song when his friend’s mother passed away. Since then he says that other friends have played it at their mother’s funeral and it was a perfect song.

The voices of Jim Brickman and Mark Masri blend perfectly together and the lyrics are very descriptive of all the love that mothers give throughout their lives. Many people also play this song on Mother’s Day. 

Fast becoming one of the most popular songs played at funerals for mothers, wouldn’t everyone be comforted knowing that their mum is enjoying the peace, serenity and beauty of a garden up in heaven? 

Louis Tomlinson’s mother passed away from cancer in 2016 when she was only 43 years old. Louis himself was the tender age of 24 and has had to help his 6 younger siblings cope with their family grief. This is Louis’ tribute song to his mum.

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