Heartfelt songs for Fathers, Dads, Grandfathers, Grandads, Uncles and any special men that have passed.


One of the most popular pages on this website is Songs For My Grandpa’s funeral, where a few years ago one of our visitors wrote in to tell us the 4 songs his family carefully handpicked for his beloved Grandpa. 

Plenty of other generous people have commented with the one song they chose for their father or grandfather. 

To make them easier to find, I decided to compile them into one post right here.

I hope you find something helpful 🙂

1) You Can Let Go by Crystal Shawanda

A relatively unknown and under-rated song, it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Canadian Crystal Shawanda sings about a young girl growing up while her loving dad knows all those precious moments he has with her are bittersweet because she will grow up and become an independent person. Beautiful song.

You Can Let Go Now by Crystal Shawanda

Written from the perspective of a young man telling the story of his relationship with his dad. The song was inspired after songwriter Gary Burr’s father passed away. He remembered his father often told him it was his job to comfort him, and to support him throughout his life. 

Very popular song that often gets played on Father’s Day. Jon Barker wrote it for his wife’s father’s funeral. 

Take some time to listen to this song, and appreciate all the good things about the great men in your life.


‘Heaven Was Needing A Hero’ is often played at military funerals or those who lost their lives in the line of duty. But it is perfect for anyone who devoted their life to helping others.


‘Dance With My Father’ was written by Richard Marx who had recently lost his dad, and Luthor Vandross, whose dad passed away when he was seven years old. Luthor had vivid memories of his dad dancing around the house with his kids, and that’s where the concept of the song came from.

Lead Me Home is a traditional gospel country style song about going home to God after a person’s life is over. It is regularly played at memorial services in Southern USA.

Lead Me Home by Jamey Johnson

‘You’ll Be There’ is a charming country track full of wit and wisdom about a person who has passed away and meeting up with them ‘on the other side’. 

‘The Greatest Man I Never Knew’ is a song from a daughter to her dad. She is singing about how she noticed when he passed away everyone had such nice things to say about him, but he was so busy working, she hardly knew him at all!

This is an optimistic bittersweet song about how we look forward to the time when we will meet that person we love again one day but for now we say goodbye.

Goodbye for Now by Kathy Troccoli

Leann Rimes sings a melancholy song of loss and how she is trying to find a way to get by without that person she loves so much.

Aussie rock legend Shannon Noll wrote this song as a tribute to his dad who died in a farm accident. 

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