Thank You For Being My Dad by Jon Barker

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Thank You For Being My Dad by Jon Barker



I wrote this song for my father when his life was in the balance.
Luckily he pulled through.
My wife wasn’t so lucky, her father passed away 2 years ago & she played this song at his funeral.

It is now rated as a top 10 Father’s Day song & people all over the world are expressing their love & thanks to their fathers with this song.


A son rarely tells his Father How he really feels,

A handshake or a pat on the back is all that he reveals

I’d like to right that wrong, Here in this little song.

Thank you for shaping my life, Thank you for teaching me all you can,

You are no ordinary man, You make me everything I am.

Thank you for taking the time, Thank you for showing me the way,

And thank you for being there when I need you, Thank you for every single day.

Now I’ve been blessed with a son of my own, Got my own bedtime stories to tell,


If I can raise him half as well as you raised me, Guess I’ll be doing pretty well.

Thank you for your guiding hand, Thank you for making my dreams come true,

You’re an extraordinary man, And I hope you’re as proud of me As I am proud of you.

Thank you for giving me life, Thank you for showing me good from bad. I guess I’m only really trying to say, Thank you for being my Dad.

Even though the years drift away, I never took the time just to say, ‘I love you, and I always have, And thank you for being my Dad.’ ‘Thank you for being my Dad.’


by: Karen Owens 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful song. I just lost my own dad a year ago. This was comforting even though I am a daughter. Be blessed and thank you for comforting others with your music.

Oct 17, 2012

Instrumental Version 
by: Anonymous 

Jon, I was looking for a song my siblings and I could sing to our Dad at his 100th birthday, and ran across your lovely song. Is there an instrumental version anywhere?

Feb 08, 2012


Hi There, 
Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

I am so pleased you like my song.

There is a ‘minus one’ version of the song available on iTunes.
Search for ‘Thank You For Being My Dad (Backing Track) – Single’ & you should find it.

Many thanks to Heavenly Doves for making all this possible, and thank you again for taking the time. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy performing my song.

Kind regards,

Feb 04, 2012

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great song 
by: from Mongolia 

I recently lost my dad. This song is so great thanx again Jon!

Dec 09, 2011


Hi, I am so pleased you like my song.
There is a music minus one version on Amazon.
Take care & God bless, Jon

Dec 08, 2011

LOVE this song 
by: Anonymous 

I love this song very much… every time I play it, I remember how important my Dad was.
By the way, where can i download this as minus one.. because i’d like to offer this as a song to my dads father.. my Lolo.
tnx alot.


Answer: See link above

8 thoughts on “Thank You For Being My Dad by Jon Barker

  1. What a beautiful song. I was wondering if we could have permission to use this, and adapt it small bit, for our father’s funeral, whilst crediting you as the original author? Just the odd word here and there. It’s to be ready out after committal.

  2. Hi Jamie, I’m sure Jon Barker would be honored if you played his song at your father’s funeral.

  3. thanks for this lovely song my dad was crying because this song.

  4. Very few songs bring me to tears, but yours did. Absolutely beautiful. So perfect for us who had a loving and caring Dad. MyDad is gone 5 years now, and we miss him every day. Thank you for your song Jon.

  5. My dad had just passed away this November 30th 2019 and I was looking for some words to say. I came across your song they are just right as we didn’t say to each other we love you, and I have a son. The words are just right.
    Hope you don’t mind me using your song for my dad. Many thanks.

  6. Hi Jon
    I would like to read some of the lyrics of your beautiful song for my dad’s memorial service. He just died on December 23. I want to use some of your words with my own. Do I need special permission? I will give you credit for your special words. Thanks ?

    1. Hi Mary, you don’t need special permission to use lyrics at a funeral or memorial because it is a private occasion.

  7. Hi Jon, my name is Ken Reed and I am the music director at the Unity church in Daytona Beach Florida. Because of the Covid-19 virus, our church had to move our services online to Facebook live. I would really love to sing your beautiful song: “Thank you for being my dad” for our father’s day service in a few weeks. What do I need to do to acquire permission to sing the song on Facebook live? Of course, we would give full credit to you and your publishing company. I am really hoping that we can make this work out. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Ken

    Music Director, Unity of Daytona Beach


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