Pure White Doves
to Express Peace and Love.

Western Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Click on the photo above to see a slide show of my favourite dove release photos.

In recent times, the act of releasing white doves has become a tangible way of expressing peace, love and happiness without speaking a word.
You can watch a single bird take off and fly through the blue sky. Or see a whole flock circling above. The effect is magical! There are many traditions that are linked to doves and peace dating back to biblical times. These days, a dove release is the "thing to do" to make your event unique, elegant and spectacular.

Heavenly Doves attend weddings, commitment ceremonies, anniversaries, renewal of vows, proposals, engagements, memorials, remembrance services, commemorations, funerals, celebrations of peace, baby namings, christenings, baptisms, Anzac Day, High School Farewells. Sometimes you might also see our Heavenly Doves in films, TV shows, advertisements and in magazines.

We also specialise in all events no matter what your religion or nationality, preferences or beliefs. As long as the event conforms to our dove release policy (for the safety of the doves) we will be there.

Why Use Heavenly Doves?

  • They are a less-messy alternative to balloons, rice or confetti - and more friendly to the environment.
  • They make a bigger impact than a butterfly release.
  • Our staff treat all events professionally and are experienced in handling and releasing the birds.
  • We arrive before the event is due to start and make sure that photographers and/or videographers are ready to capture the action on film.

  • We can bring up to a dozen white doves to your event. The birds can be released from their stylish decorative cages or we can place them in your hands to release.Heavenly Doves offer a friendly, very experienced dove release service in Western Sydney at competitive rates.

Please Note: Heavenly Doves only take a limited number of bookings. 

For information about releasing doves at funerals and memorials click here.

Make your day extra special by inviting Heavenly Doves to your event.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tamara Baker - also known as "That Crazy Dove Lady"

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