Down to the river to pray - Alison Krauss

by Martina

I was at my great uncle's funeral and country music was always a part of our family's life.

Me and my sister were already REALLY emotional seeing our grandfather crying over the lost, but then this song came on.
The first thought I had was "This song played on 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'!", but the longer the song played, the more I heard the beautiful lyrics.

Naturally, my sister and I started bawling. The song brought so many memories and it really brought to light everything that was going on. In a way it felt good to cry because the song did say "Oh Lord, show me the way".

Although I still grieved for weeks after that, every time I hear that song I remember all the good memories I shared not only with him but my family.

My grandpa is now sick and it's almost certain he has prostate cancer. I came on this site to find closure in a way by finding possible songs to play at his funeral.

Unfortunately this song wasn't there. To whoever reads this, please listen to the song if you don't know it. It really helped me, and I hope that it will help when my grandfather's time comes. It's always hard to lose someone you really love but there is always something that will make you feel better.

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