Flying Without Wings - Westlife

by Sandy
(Warrington, England)

When this song was originally released it talked to my soul and I played it on repeat constantly. Last year this song was in a TV advert and my Dad asked me where he could buy it as it had touched both his and Mum's hearts too. I immediately ordered the CD (Unbreakable) from Amazon and had it sent as a gift to my parents. It arrived at their house on 10 December (2015) which was their 55th Wedding Anniversary. They were so pleased. My lovely Dad so very sadly passed away in March of 2016. As the song had touched us all and it was the last song I bought for him there was no question that this should be played at his funeral. It was the last song part of the service and it was just appropriate that he was actually flying away from us. I love the song but it tears my heart out and makes me happy at the same time.

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