I'll Remember You by Atlantic Starr

My son passed away 16yrs ago on October 15, 1994.

I was told he wouldn't make it, but I wanted to believe different. When he took his last breath he was in my arms.

He was looking right at me and I held on so tight trying to memorize his face.
The song broke my heart. I was very bitter for the longest time, I was MAD. The words burned through me, I hadn't been able to listen to it without balling like it was happening all over again. There's No pain like having to bury a baby.

What I can say now is I still Remember him, and I still love him. And I'm thankful God let me carry one of his angels until he was needed back in Heaven. I have 3 kids now, and I know each one of them have his spirit in them. I get to see what he looks like in their faces everyday. God willing I will hold him again when I get to Heaven,

So until then I'll Remember You, Armando Camelo Barrera Jr. Mommy luvs you angel.

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