Missing My Daddy

Dad, I thought of you again today

Sadness began to fill my heart,
because I was your baby girl...
I think I was from the very start.

I miss your life, I miss your smile
I miss the love we shared...
I miss your voice, I miss your touch.
My heart is bleeding and bare...

In life I loved you so dearly,
in death I love you even still...
You hold a place within my heart
that no one else can ever fill.

I was so proud to call you Daddy,
your little girl I was proud to be.
You may now be gone from my sight,
but never from my memory...

The hardest thing I've ever had
to face was having to let you go,
because I didn't get to tell you
the things I wanted you to know.

I didn't get to tell you I love you
one more time, or even say goodbye.
A part of my world slipped away that night,
the night that you died...

I know you knew I loved you,
I know you knew I cared...
but that still doesn't stop me from
wishing I could have been there.

Now I only pray God gives me
the strength to make it through...
knowing each day my love remains
and I'll be missing you...

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