Our little sweetheart (Morgan-Jane Mckenzie )

by Yasmin
(Sunderland )

Our little sweetheart we know you can hear us no matter where you are, and every time we look at the sky we know you're the biggest star !

Even though it wasn't for too long we still got our chance to hold you, at the same time of doing this we all hoping you would pull through; things may not always go our way and it's obvious to see, but whether you are here or not I am and always your Auntie!

I was just wishing for a miracle that wouldn't come true but in away it did because i got to meet you!
So keep your head up little one keep it nice and high. You're going to take a little trip with family in the sky. So when we all get up there and eventually meet you again, you will realise you're the only one that kept us sane.

So take a nap now angel and we will see you in a while and when we do reunite we will share our loving smile xxxxxxxxxxx love you my gawjass mj lv Auntie Yaz xxx

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