The Climb - Miley Cyrus

I had a uncle who had cancer.

He had died not too long ago.
His name was Peter.
I spent his last two weeks with him.
I would go to school, come home walk through that door and the first thing i said was "Hi pete!"

But when he was alive, he was in deep deep pain
it was so hard to see how bad I had felt for him.
He was always a good man. Sure he had is doubts but he battled that cancer like a wrestler fought a herd of bulls.

He was very very close to my mother. Her
love for him couldn't be explained in words.
After his death I went to my first wake. I couldn't stand there for 5 seconds without crying. I had to leave. They then cremated him. They made braclets with crosses on them and put the ashes in each cross. Not all of it though. We hung it up in our car. (we are always in it...)

1 year later my other uncle was pronounced with cancer. Lung cancer. He died yesterday. The wake is tommorow. I dont know if i can stand it. Yesterday we lit a candle and prayed for him in my catholic church.
This man was named, Benny. Now I am drawing pictures of crosses and some horses. I just drew a cross with a vine around it, with two candles and a rose below it. Now I'm on here looking for a poem. The song "The Climb" sums up how I feel.

May 6th 2009 1:00 pm

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