We'll Always Remember You - Kelly Domino

by Kelly Domino
(Fort Wayne, IN)

I am a songwriter with an original song I wrote for my grandfather's funeral, but I was too choked up to sing it!

I included it on the song list for my first album, so that I had a polished version completed. It is on iTunes. Here is the iTunes link: We'll Always Remember You (The Memorial Song) - Hold On to Your Dreams

Of all the songs on my album, this one sells the most, and I didn't expect that! When people hear it at funerals (it has been used often to open the service, and then the officiant uses it as a lead in), they usually want a copy. It is a non-religious, past-present-future song that is uplifting. The basic chorus is: "We loved you, we miss you, and we'll always remember you."

You have a great list, and I would be honored if you would include it.

Thank you,
Kelly Domino

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