Flower on the Water John Williamson

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by Narelle 

My Grandfather loved John Williamson and when he recently passed away, we were looking for a song from John to play at the funeral. 

I could remember listening to a CD called Chandelier of Stars and the last song of this album is Flower on the Water. 

The lyrics talk about how you would give anything for one more day; to laugh, talk, chat. But all you can do now is to throw a flower on the water. It is absoulutely beautiful and sends me to tears whenever I hear it. A fitting tribute.


To hear your voice, to see you smile
To sit and talk to you awhile
To be together the same old way
That would be our greatest wish today

To hear you laugh, to hear you cry
Or just a chance to say ‘goodbye’
To say the things we didn’t say
That would be our greatest wish today


But all we can do is throw a flower on the water
Look for the sun through the rain
Lay a little frangipani gentle on the water
Remember how we loved you

To comb your hair, to lace your shoes
Buy some flowers, let you choose
A phone call when you’re away
Just to see if you’re okay

2 thoughts on “Flower on the Water John Williamson

  1. It really is the most heartbreaking and also truthful for those of us who have lost someone, the first time I heard the song was 2 months after losing my 3 year old son in a family pool accident on the morning of New Year’s Eve and it was what broke my stoic shell. I hadn’t cried since the day they declared nothing could be done, now I listen to it to remember him and feel the deepness but also look forward to the sun through the rain because life isn’t fair and you have to take the world as it comes.

    Rest in Peace, Lucas my perfect little boy 24/09/2017 – 01/01/2021

  2. Leonard Bresland

    Like John in 1999, I lost my beloved brother (also called John) quite recently and this song was chosen by his grandchildren to close the funeral service. The lyrics and tune are wonderful: wouldn’t all of us love to have another day? Very few dry eyes remained.

    Well done both Johns. Great Australians through and through.

    The Aussie spirit lives on.


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