I Know You By Heart by Eva Cassidy

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First heard this song played at my husband’s best mate’s funeral back in 2002. Our friend was only 33 when he passed and this song reduced everyone to tears. It was played again at his 12mth memorial service. After the funeral, I immediately went out and bought the CD, and the song can still bring tears to my eyes all these years later. Eva Cassidy had such an amazingly pure voice with incredible clarity and, very sadly, passed away herself when in her 30s.

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Midnights in winter
The glowing fire
Lights up your face in orange and gold
I see your sweet smile
Shine through the darkness
It’s line is etched in my memory
So I’d know you by heart
Mornings in April
Sharing the secrets
We’d walk on till the morning was gone
We were like children
Laughing for hours
The joy you gave me
Lives on and on
‘Cause I know you by heart
I still hear your voice
On warm summer nights
Whispering like the wind
Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh
You left in autumn
The leaves were turning
I walked down roads of orange and gold
I saw your sweet smile
I heard your laughter
You’re still here beside me
‘Cause I know you by heart
‘Cause I know you by heart
Songwriters: Terrance Harrison / Margaret Nelson
I Know You by Heart lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing, Domino Publishing Company

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